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Synopsis Edit

Marinatubbies is an incredibly popular ITV reality drama, first broadcast on 24th February 2009 in Wales and 7th March in Indonesia. The show revolves around the lives of the four main characters, Minky Minky, Mipsa, Maa Daa and Mo, as they go on exciting and sometimes dangerous adventures which usually end in one or more of the characters stuck in absurd situations.


  • Minky Minky: The most flamboyant Marinatubbie, Minky Winky suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), causing her to enter four different states at different times: housewife, beauty queen, homewrecker and idle teen. She is probably most recognisable for her iconic Electra Heart Super Deluxe Boxset Edition which she always carries around. She has a triangle on her head, representing her loyalty to the Illuminati.
  • Mipsa: Mipsa is the most rebellious Marinatubby to ever exist, and once tried to kill Mo with a hot cross bun because she called her music style "unrelateable". Her dipstick-shaped bump is the result of trying to headbutt Prince Charles to Jupiter for not letting her write a song about how she should be the queen.
  • Maa Daa: Slightly similar to Mipsa, Maa Daa's music is unrelatable to Mo and Minky Minky and rather odd. Her voice was affected in 2010 after she was forced to pretend to be Nicki Minaj (when Mipsa accidentally knocked her out) and because of this, she sometimes sounds like a man when she sings. Usually, when she is feeling really angry or gets really into a song, she screams the words instead of singing them (evident in songs such as Hollywood and Girls). Her curly antenna represents how much she loves fries.
  • Mo: Mo is the most sensible of the Marinatubbies, known for her extreme fruit fetish (hence calling her newest album "FROOT"), going so far as to write a love song about a pineapple she met in Barbados. She released the song as the album's lead single. On her head is a bubble blowing stick-like thing because she felt that her music sounded too serious. She is the leader of the Marinatubbies.

Episode list Edit

See Marinatubbies episode list

Critical reception Edit

The show received 43645637456352647364663765245236132546 stars out of 5 from every single critic in the universe (apart from K. Johnson from The Guardian who gave the reality drama 8254343453274832465323748317543617864356215436784352436782146365463726473565467635656565432143523176473547463544365434531238355826474576344737827384715284623738476778634355432463526457236485352476378266453726475365463627845332233455656767675565342312185834838244824572458563474637812637345543 stars out of 10).

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